Binaiya MT. (3.027 MASL) - 10 Days

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Binaiya mountain is the highest mountain in the Maluku Islands, this archipelago is classified as a major islands. Binaiya peak has an altitude of 3,027 meters above sea level and is located in the province of Maluku, precisely on Seram island in Central Maluku district geographical position 3 ° 10 ‘latitude and 129 ° 28’ east longitude. The mountain isn’t a volcano. Access climbing the normal route can be started from the north side is the village Kanike and from the south side, the village Piliana. Here we only discuss the climbing route from the village Piliana for routes shorter and faster to reach the summit of Mount Binaiya.

Binaiya mountain is a mountain Non-Volcanology and the mountains of Kars. Has a varied terrain during the ascent, we will be presented with the coastal ecosystem forest, swamp forest, lowland rain forest, mountain rain forest and sub-alpine forest. And the time it takes to climb Mount Binaiya of the northern route is the 11-day trip, while the southern route 8 day trip.

Package Trip



Personal Checklist

This list is required gear. Some items may be adjusted or changed after you gear check with your CIMARA guide(s) depending on specific route and weather requirements that may change at the time of your climb / trek. An Important note as you pack : we are under weight restrictions with our porters so each item must be considered in light of its functionality and utility. Your bags will be weighed at several points during the trip and excess weight is generally not an option. Consider this carefully as you select your gear. This breakdown is provided as a quick checklist for your convenience. Additional clarification and descriptions of these items will be provided below the checklist.

If you still have questions, the CIMARA ADVENTURE can help.
– Travel documentation (Passport and Visa) copy
– Health certificate
– Trekking poles
– Backpack & Backpack Cover
– Cap/Hat & Balaclava
– Personal snack (Protein bars, chocolate, dried fruits, candies and snack food
– Headlamp/hand torch light & Batteries
– Camera
– Sun glasses & Sun screen, or any other thing that will protect you from getting sun burnt
– Travel equipment for shower (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, etc)
– Hiking shoes. Boots are preferable, if not, you can bring the most comfortable sport shoes you have.
– Rain coat and/or Wind and waterproof breaker. You will need to bring it to the summit to break the wind
– Buff/Mask/Scarf
– Sandals/flip flops
– Enough socks (For sleep and trekking)
– Water bottle/Water bladder
– Drifit t-shirt, Long sleeve shirt, cotton or light weights pants (non-denim or jeans material), warm clothes, Down jackets, Hand gloves (it can be very chilly on the summit), Sweater or all of them if necessary.
– Personal medications. We will provide standard first aid kit tools, but please bring your own prescribed medication. And please let us know if you have and medical conditions
– Dont forget to bring your good mood

Please note that this list is only suggestion. You can add more equipment based on your personal needs.

Trip Facts

  • Mount Binaiya, Piliana village, Seram Island, Maluku-Indonesia
  • Piliana Village
  • All year round, best is April-October
  • Hard trekking with 7 night of camping in tent
  • Strenuous, physical fitness is required
  • 10 Days 9 Nights
  • 7 Days 6 Nights
  • Booking trip min 30 days before the trip begin (H-30)

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